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NYC’s Doomed Plan to Racially Balance its Schools

Mayor Bill de Blasio and his schools chancellor Richard Carranza want more black and Hispanic students enrolled in New York City’s selective schools. Their diversity proposals seek to reverse Asian and white prevalence on account of test-based admissions. Despite escalating criticism, to do so, they are retreating from school choice and entrance policies put in place during the Michael Bloomberg years.

Two weeks ago, irate Asian parents in Brooklyn jeered department of education flak catchers trying to pitch the diversity plan. One protester said, “instead of fixing broken schools, they want to break the ones that are working.” A recent Manhattan Institute study reiterated the folly of race- and ability-mixing to close the “racial achievement gap,” concluding that “educational opportunities for black and Hispanic students need to move beyond racial integration efforts.”

While the mayor himself avoids the inflammatory word segregation, his chancellor and Full Story Here



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